Program Downloads

Components of the Pennies for Polio Program (Download Center)  

The “Pennies for Polio” program has three primary components . . . the Rotary Club component, the School component, and the Polio Partners component.  All of the materials for the three components are available for download below.  The “Pennies for Polio” campaign and all related materials (except where noted) were developed by District 5110 Polio Plus Chair, Harriett Schroeder.  The fundraising campaign itself was based on a similar campaign held during April 2009 in District 7120 which raised more than $100,000 with the help of 58 Rotary clubs and school districts throughout the area.  NOTE:  In most cases, the original files are available so they can be “customized” as needed


It would also be great if you would provide us with the names of the schools / district that will be using the program.